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Only someone living inside the Beltway, on the island or Manhattan, or anyplace else where white-collar bosses rule would have given Mitt Romney half a chance. I think elite Republicans like the president-as-CEO model and even deluded themselves into thinking that was the appeal of George W. Bush (hint: it wasn’t). The true aw-shucks Bush character in this race is Mike Huckabee.

On the Dem side, a Clinton supporter on NPR criticized Obama for always coming at Hillary from the right. Hmm. Let me get this straight. The Clintons, who tacked right for eight years (welfare reform, anyone?), are upset because someone is out-triangulating them? Boo hoo.

The greater irony is that this particular supporter proclaimed Clinton the practical idealist in the campaign, implying that Obama was an impractical idealist. That would be wonderful if Clinton’s practicality hadn’t so often led her to the right. So, again, I am a bit confused on why anyone would consider Clinton somehow to the left of anyone. Her positions are too amorphous for that, except maybe on health care. But I would imagine compromise will be necessary for her to do anything on that. So, if you hope to see Clinton’s plan enacted as outlined on her campaign web site, don’t call yourself a practical idealist — and don’t wait to see a doctor about that little growth on your neck.

The criticism of Obama may be valid insofar as his plans seem to lack specifics. But he seemed well up on details in the California debate.

Obama and John McCain succeed because they talk in terms of a purpose for their campaigns larger than enacting a laundry list of proposals.

I can’t wait until the show comes to Pennsylvania.