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So I’m in the bathroom of a convenience store in Gettysburg, Pa., when I notice the condom dispenser. Only it’s not labeled as such. The sign reads: “Health Care Convenience Center.” Alas, my camera phone was in the car so I can’t provide visual evidence.

Nonetheless, it’s good to see that people outside Washington and Manhattan have been polishing their euphemisms. Lord knows we’ll be seeing plenty today as the House takes up a financial bailout and vice presidential candidates clash in St. Louis

It had to happen eventually, a story that both Nancy Grace and Wolf Blitzer could pursue with equal gusto. Still, it’s hard to feel sorry for Eliot Spitzer. He’s the one who let his fingers do the street-walking, trashing his dignity — and his career — at the same time. I guess he won’t be getting anyone’s call to fill the vice presidential slot this year.

Let it be another reminder not to trust the self-righteous of any political persuasion.