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Barack Obama finally has some company along Route 30 between York and Gettysburg. It’s Ron Paul. The longshot Republican has a single sign up near the York airport. That’s somewhat odd, as Paul signs usually pop up in clumps of three or four. There must be about half a dozen Paul signs lining ramps for the I-83 split near Harrisburg.

Don’t laugh. Paul is still on the PA ballot. He may even do better here than his customary 4% of the GOP vote.

So, Paul edges out John McCain 1-0, while Obama maintains his 1-0 lead over Hillary Clinton in the official “Count of Presidential Yard Signs Along Route 30 between Gettysburg and York.”

As has been the case throughout this unprecedented primary season for PA, local races are getting all the attention. I’ve even spotted a new entrant in the state Senate race, restaurant owner Robert “Bob” Curley, also a Republican.

Curley appears to be lagging his rivals in fundraising, but he’s catching up in signage. Over the weekend about a dozen signs appeared with his name along the Lincoln Highway.