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I’m not sure which will be worse: having to endure eight months of right-wing smears or having to endure eight months of liberals complaining about them. Especially when they use indignation to disguise a counter-punch, as in this recent sample from MoveOn:

Media watchdog group Media Matters has chronicled how FOX spent months trying to smear Obama by associating him with Reverend Wright’s words. Greenwald’s new video shows how the attacks successfully migrated to the mass media—Tim Russert repeated Sean Hannity’s smears virtually word-for-word!

Meanwhile, the big networks all but ignored Pastor John Hagee, whose endorsement John McCain was “honored” and “proud” to receive. Hagee says Katrina was God’s punishment for homosexuality, Jews are to blame for anti-Semitism, and Catholicism is the “Whore of Babylon” and “a cult.”

The message goes on to note how the smears distract voters from the “real issues.” It strikes me as exactly he kind of whining you hear from people who joined their high school debate club and now are shocked — shocked — to learn that the world doesn’t sit in rapt awe at their reasoned, rational commentary. They are equally shocked to find opponents refusing to play by the same rules : (

I did debate club once. Sure, I was too shy to talk, but I was also struck at how divorced the whole charade seemed from the real way in which political issues are debated and elections are decided. I learned a lot more reading newspaper op-eds and arguing with my right-leaning friends over lunch in the cafeteria.

Just throw the damn counter-punch.