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Forget about regulations, interest-rate cuts and investment-bank bailouts. Maybe Ben Bernanke can get a recession-busting recipe from this diner near Abbottstown on the Lincoln Highway. Compare photos from previous weeks, here and here, with this one from today. Whatever was in those meals appears to have done its trick (sorry for the blur — I took the pic thru a rainy windshield):

I took this picture yesterday on Route 30 outside a diner near Abbottstown, Pa. So, it appeared even before the president made news today by acknowledging reality. That his concession made news is a sure sign we’re in trouble. The only question is, what kind of trouble?

Bush is right that people are fundamentally optimistic. But they also are impatient. Eventually they will want him to do something, especially those people lacking family inherited wealth to help them ride out the tough times. At least they can get two-for-one meals along Route 30.