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It’s good to see that an eternity in office hasn’t dulled George W. Bush’s sharp, pointy finger. He can still redirect blame with the best of them.

I’ll just take issue with one clearly absurd statement: that somehow farm subsidies are to blame for rising food prices. Farm subsidies have been around for decades and food prices haven’t been rising (at least as sharply) for that long. So clearly the blame lies elsewhere. For a clue, Bush should read the conservative press on this one. Yes, ethanol is the culprit, and plenty of people saw it coming.

My memory may be faulty, but I remember a certain state of the union address where a certain George Bush called on Congress to expand the mandate for producing ethanol. Congress agreed.

Too bad Bush’s memory isn’t as sharp as his rhetoric.


If Barack Obama really wanted to make amends with PA voters, he’d promise a program to create renewable fuel from deer, sort of how all candidates pander to Iowans over ethanol. The program would naturally include an extended hunting season. But at the rate Hillary Clinton is pandering, she’s likely to jump the gun on this first.

April 23 is going to be a real let-down. I’m not sure Pennsylvania is prepared for the post-primary.