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I don’t think Americans would be able to tolerate — let alone organize — this kind of roadway chaos, no matter how strongly they feel about fuel prices:

Here’s a summary of the trucker convoy and its impact on our nation’s capital. Not quite the million-trucker march that might have made a difference (photo credit to the Washington Post)…

Truckers are still at it. More power to them. It’s unclear to me, however, why they believe government is the solution. If I recall, many truckers were leery of the government telling them how many hours they could drive in a row. Why do they think the government should tell oil companies what they should charge for diesel fuel? Or do they want something else?

One man’s unnecessary regulation is another man’s relief from unnecessary pain and suffering.

Here’s news of a planned truck convoy next Monday to DC…It’s leaving at 5am from a restaurant in Lebanon County, east of Harrisburg. It’s great to see someone take a stand against high gas prices, but as I’ve said before, I don’t see it making a big difference.

If gas prices really really upset people, they would base their votes on it in this election. But we are fairly well schooled to think that our votes, our politics, make no impact on the economy. This survey seems to confirm that. Until people decide otherwise – or buy smaller cars en masse – they will be nothing more than a nuisance to oil companies and oil-producing nations.

Here is the sign about hospitals depending on trucks for oxygen:

Riding around in circles and honking horns was a great attention-getter for protesting truckers in Harrisburg on Monday. Some even got an audience with Hillary Clinton. But I wonder whether something more disorderly is needed for an actual change in fuel prices.

Lawmakers are busy “grilling” big oil in a congressional hearing. Why doesn’t someone demand a hearing in front of a panel of regular citizens?

At any rate, the truckers hoping to march on DC remind me of the farmers who converged there in 1979. I was too young to grasp the details or remember the outcome of the protest, dubbed tractorcade. But it seems to me that farming hasn’t gotten much easier over the last 30 years.


This blog has gotten a few hits from people looking up information about a national truck stoppage, apparently scheduled for April 3. The stoppage is supposed to raise concerns over the rising price of diesel fuel. As a service to those readers, I’m posting this article and this article about a rally today in downtown Harrisburg on the same issue. The second one even has some video.

The hits, I think, come from my recent post about a sign on Route 30 that regularly offers chilling scenarios that would result if trucks were to stop. I’ll start posting some pictures as soon as I can take them.