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The people who came up with the phrase “climate change” may have done more good than they realize. If I recall, some environmentalists complained at the time that the phrase lacked the doomsday punch of “global warming.”

But think about it. What’s scarier than change? Probably nothing. The switch to “climate change” ensures that people will fight all the harder to keep it from happening.

Of course, that’s assuming they won’t fight even harder to avoid any lifestyle changes, at least those that are’t forced on us by climate change.


Change is what every candidate is promising this year. Fortunately, for every one of them, change won’t be so hard to deliver after election day. Things change regardless of whether we lift a finger.

And what pol can avoid taking credit for whatever positive changes occur on his/her watch and ruing the negative? Besides, the right amount of spin can make any change look positive. You’re working longer and harder than ever? Welcome to the productivity revolution that is driving the US economy! Housing in a slump? It’s a great time to buy!