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I’ll admit it. I like firing people too, especially if they suck at what they do. So Mitt Romney, your comments¬†don’t bother me.

Indeed, I agree that Romney’s comments–about enjoying the act of firing people–were¬†taken out of context. But it’s really quite a stroke of luck for the GOP front-runner that few people are trying to square those comments with the actual context.

Yes, it is pink.

As everyone knows by now, Romney was talking about health insurance when he made his now-famous remarks.

The problem with health insurers is not that their customers can’t fire them (i.e., find better coverage at better prices). It’s that the insurers can simply refuse to do business with you in the first place, for example, if you are sick and urgently need an insurance company’s services. Or if you have been sick in the past and might need the company’s services again.

As a result, I doubt that a sick person who has a problem with an insurance company can realistically fire that company and hire a new one in its place.

Romney probably knows this. As governor of Massachusetts, he signed health care legislation designed to spare people from this problem. As president, Barack Obama did the same. Insurers agreed to cover all comers in return for the requirement that all people buy coverage–not just buy it when they’re sick.

I guess at some point in this contest we’ll get to that debate. But I’m not going to hold my breath. It might make me sick–and then I’d be the one on the firing line.

I hope PA is a bit player in Campaign 2012 so we can avoid painful examples of media condescension like this one. It reminds me of a 1986 video called “Heavy Metal Parking Lot,” only much less funnier.

Note that there is only one Cabela’s store in the entire state of PA, and the people who go there are not all rural — or Pennsylvanian. Fortunately, this particular store is located close to the highway and easily accessible to big-city reporters interested in barely scratching the surface.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I would have been in that parking lot in 1986 with my high school friends had it not been for family trip to the beach.