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In a surprise announcement, Barack Obama and John McCain jointly said they would let the one who really wanted to be president go ahead and take the job and spare the American people the agony of five more months of listening to stories about which adviser said what and whose preacher preached what.

They also hoped their announcement would end speculation about Bill Clinton’s potential role in the campaign, armchair psychologizing over his motives and endless rehashing of any stray comments he might make between now and November

Lawyers for David Archuleta are filing a motion in federal court today to overturn the American Idol victory of David Cook, who was crowned victor in a stunning finale of the musical competition’s seventh season last night.

Archuleta’s attorneys rest their case on the fact that Cook has failed to win over the crucial bloc of white girls aged 10 to 13, who make up a significant portion of the music-buying audience. Cook’s inability to dazzle this demographic threatens his ability to cook up a hit single this fall as a follow-up to his victory in the TV contest, the attorneys allege.

“Without getting into names, other Idol winners have clearly failed in the wider marketplace,” said Stu Ing, lead attorney for the teen sensation Archuleta. “We think it’s time the show reflected the broader, music-buying public rather than a narrow elite of people who have phones.”

Ing and his colleagues also contend that the finale should be redone as many tweens were asleep in bed during the crucial final phase of voting. Had these girls been able to vote, the results might have been different and Archuleta would have been the one weepily crooning at the end.

Wait a sec. Are we talking about American Idol or the Democratic primary season? Who knows anymore. But it’s tempting to consider what Cook’s win portends for the second-biggest election this year.

Is Cook a stand-in for Barack Obama, the outsider who wasn’t even expected to enter the contest? And is Archuleta Hillary Clinton, with a troublesome stage father in place of an intrusive stage husband?

Or is Cook John McCain, the grizzled veteran, while Archuleta represents a new face, i.e. Obama, who was buoyed by a youth vote that failed to materialize when it really mattered?

We can only wait and see. And hope that tween girls aren’t so disillusioned that they give up on American Idol entirely.

Let’s bring some of the online horse race to Adams County, Pa. politics.

People searching online for local candidates often stumble onto this site. I’ve written a bit about local races, solely in the context of yard signage. The chief contests are to replace two retiring GOP lawmakers, Sen. Terry Punt and Rep. Steve Nickol. I added up the numbers to determine the most-searched replacement candidates as of today, and it’s bad news for Jim Taylor:

For Punt’s seat:

  1. Rich Alloway: 11*
  2. Cathy Cresswell:10*
  3. Bob Curley: 1
  4. Jim Taylor: 0

For Nickol’s seat:

  1. Will Tallman: 4
  2. Mike Rishel: 1

* Three searches combined Cresswell and Alloway into a single search. I added three to each candidate’s total

Now, a killjoy statistician would argue that my sample is completely unrepresentative — and far too small, to boot. It only includes searchers who bothered to click onto my site. So what? It’s not like people following these races online have tons of material to wade through. So, the fact that they — you — wind up here indicates a higher level of enthusiasm and potentially translates into support at the polls.

So, you can wait until the primary is over in two weeks. But I’m ready to call this thing now: Alloway is your next state senator and Tallman is your next state representative — subject to any change in the numbers between now and April 22.