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Let’s see if I can be more faithful to this site in 2012. I came out of the gate strong in 2011, thanks to a conversation with another writer. I didn’t have that this year, but maybe I can pick it up anyway.

Grey, cloudy skies and bitter cold temperatures suck the life from people, students included. We should hibernate in the winter–or fly south–and go to school in the summer.

It is a vise-like feeling that is not altogether unpleasant. That’s why it is so hard to shake.

Today is when election officials in Adams and Franklin Counties plan to have write-in results from last week’s primary. We’ll know if Bob Curley was successful in his bid as a Democratic write-in for the 33rd PA Senate district. If anyone sees the results elsewhere and cares enough to let me know, please pass them along.  An Adams County official told me yesterday they wouldn’t post the results online, which seems a touch outdated. But oh well.

Write-ins accounted for nearly 6,200 votes in the 33rd. Some were for the usual Disney slate of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, but I’m sure Bob Curley raked in some supporters of his own.


The sign-posters were busy on primary eve along the Lincoln Highway. Hillary Clinton racked up nine signs, more than doubling her previous total. Barack Obama tripled his haul, coming in at three signs. Two new ones appeared on the square in Abbottstown. John McCain even had a sign off the square in New Oxford. So, with less than seven hours until the polls close, Clinton leads the “Count of Presidential Yard Signs along Route 30 between York and Gettysburg, Pa.

Does this mean she’ll win tonight? Who knows. But if I were her, I would try to avoid saying anything nice about anybody no matter what happens. Look how it got Obama in trouble…We wouldn’t want our politicians doing anything but tearing each other down.

Here’s news of a planned truck convoy next Monday to DC…It’s leaving at 5am from a restaurant in Lebanon County, east of Harrisburg. It’s great to see someone take a stand against high gas prices, but as I’ve said before, I don’t see it making a big difference.

If gas prices really really upset people, they would base their votes on it in this election. But we are fairly well schooled to think that our votes, our politics, make no impact on the economy. This survey seems to confirm that. Until people decide otherwise – or buy smaller cars en masse – they will be nothing more than a nuisance to oil companies and oil-producing nations.

Someone cared enough to post the very best.

Journalists, though they may be ignorant on most topics, are called on as experts. And their willingness to open their mouths makes for good fodder on television. But that is also how they get in trouble a la Chris Matthews.

Journalists would be better off if they were more humble in their ignorance and less showboat-y. I won’t hold my breath, however.

Humility, for all its value as a human virtue, doesn’t get you invited to all the best parties. And it definitely won’t get you nice digs in Northwest Washington, D.C. or the Upper East Side.

People resent journalists not because they are ignorant, but because journalists are not afraid or ashamed of their ignorance.

Most people are embarrassed when they don’t know something. They shouldn’t be, but they are.

I finally convinced myself to start writing one of these. As you can see by the title, I’m trying to keep a narrow focus on just a few issues.

2008 is probably a good a year as any to start a blog, what with the presidential election, warnings of economic doom and an unfinished war about to hit the 5-year mark. I can’t wait.