Assorted stuff I’ve written over the years. Some of the links are to the actual publications. Others are to secondary sources that picked them up:


March: From Risk & Insurance: School shootings offer grim risk management reminder

February: From the Reading Eagle Business Weekly: Businesses face rising property insurance costs

February: From the Reading Eagle Business Weekly: Electricity-supplier switching surges among area companies

January: From Risk & Insurance: Insurance scammer finally seized


December: From Risk & Insurance: Divided over the college price tag

December: From Risk & Insurance: Penn State sex scandal can change how colleges manage risk

September-October: From Risk & Insurance: Claims management: In-depth series

September: From American Banker Magazine: Title wave?

June: From American Banker Magazine: Financial literacy: A kiddie lesson in money matters

May: From the Chronicle of Higher Education: It’s his very own college, and welcome to it

May: From American Banker Magazine: It’s only fair to compare

May: From Risk & Insurance: Social media: touch too much?

May: From Risk & Insurance: Distressed cities: when the state falls short, who bears the cost?

February: From Risk & Insurance: Under pressure


October: From Keystone Edge: Co-working is so sweet at Lancaster’s Candy Factory

September: From Keystone Edge: Faces of Energy: Sean O’Donoghue Morgan, Sustainable Community Education Alliance

August: From Keystone Edge: Faces of Energy: Ben Tabatabai: Penn State Harrisburg

August: From Keystone Edge: Building supplies al fresco in Lancaster

July: From Keystone Edge: Central PA startups delve into nanotech for solar solutions

June: From Keystone Edge: Recycled skateboards jump from passion to profit for Hanover entrepreneur

May-August: From Risk & Insurance: Legal Risk In-depth series

January: From Keystone Edge: Innovating investing: complex made manageable


November: From Keystone Edge: Bold strokes give Harrisburg a midtown makeover

October: From Keystone Edge: Plenty riding on rail plans for south-central PA

September: From Keystone Edge: Wine could be fine in south-central PA

July: From The Diplomat: Ed Brubaker: Actor, director, teacher–and lover of life

July: From Keystone Edge: Lancaster’s Slow Motion Resurgence

June: From Keystone Edge: A vision for the arts and creative reuse comes to life at an abandoned factory in York

May: From the Central Penn Business Journal: Recession intensifies non-compete enforcement

April-June: From Risk & Insurance: Healthcare in-depth series

April: From the Patriot-News: The economy is all the rage

April: From the Central Penn Business Journal: Balance due: Difficult economic climate makes bill collection trickier


December: From Risk & Insurance: A switch at the spigot

December: From the Northeast PA Business  Journal: Local banks mull taking bailout funds

December: From the Harrisburg Patriot-News: Be careful where you step during office holiday party

November: From the Patriot-News: Some builders find pre-fabs get their house in order

November: From Politics Magazine: Tech bytes

October: From the Patriot-News: No workplace politics

October: From Politics Magazine: Reaching voters on the go

August: From NJBIZ: Rail line to impact more than transportation

August: From the Patriot-News: Keeping prices in check

July: From American Banker: Cross-selling opportunity, courtesy of pennies

March: From the Patriot-News: Old gold story gets new followers


December: From the Patriot-News: Local companies wanted to make their holiday greetings stick out

July: From the Patriot-News: Restaurant franchises put God first


November: From the York Daily Record: Who knew owls are cool?

November: From the Daily Record: Stadium offers 20-year tax plan

August: From the Daily Record: Trucks shatter windows, quiet

May: From American Banker: Green loans touted as profit opportunity

May: From the Patriot-News: Hot Jobs: New grads’ employment outlook


October: From the Patriot-News: Restoration reputation

October: From the Patriot-News: Gas costs to limit some free shipping

June: From the Patriot-News: Slow and steady

May: From the Patriot-News: Court eyes eminent-doman rules


January: From the American Historical Association’s newsletter, Perspectives: From chaos to archives