It baffles me that John McCain can’t scrounge up at least one supporter to post a yard sign along Route 30 between York and Gettysburg, Pa. It’s not like people aren’t enthusiastic about the April 22 primary. I see tons of signs for local races and a bunch for Ron Paul. And it’s not like people aren’t overwhelmingly Republican. Every single sign for the local races is from a GOP candidate. In fact, the only Democrat with a sign on that stretch of highway is Barack Obama. He has one.

I do see a few McCain signs elsewhere in Central PA, but there are none along that 20+ miles, suggesting he may have the same problems as Obama in appealing to white, rural, working class voters. It’s telling that both Obama and McCain seem to be media favorites. They both appeal to college-educated types who believe — a bit too smugly, perhaps — in their own independence. Conservative folks may respect McCain for his military service — who doesn’t? — but his political views may be too hard for some to swallow.

I used to think conservative Republicans who disagreed with McCain would vote for him anyway. But I’m less sure of that as time goes on. I just don’t see the sort of enthusiasm that will bring out the reluctant on election day. That makes McCain vulnerable to a third-party challenge from the right, even if it’s not Ron Paul.