I’ve been seeing a ton of Ron Paul signs in central Pennsylvania over the last few days — and only one McCain sign. It makes me wonder whether Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” could generate some fantastic blowback. And the beneficiary could be Ron Paul. Let’s imagine how this absurd scenario plays out:

As I understand it, PA Republicans are crossing over to vote in the April 22 primary for the Democrat they believe would be less of a threat to McCain. Limbaugh appears to think that’s Hillary (at least he did the last time I checked).

But I’ve seen news articles and letters to the editor suggesting some of the ground forces engaged in Operation Chaos have been venturing their own independent analysis. They’ve pegged Obama as the weaker foe in a general election. Or, they’re so consumed with Hillary-phobia that they’re voting against her in the primary.

So, Operation Chaos might cancel itself out on the Democratic side (any Dems whining about dirty tricks and the unfairness of it all should just relax). On the GOP side, however, Ron Paul could do pretty well if all the McCain supporters vote in the Dem primary instead.

I’m not saying Paul will definitely carry the Keystone State. But if he does, you can say you read it here first.

In the end, what Rush’s Operation Chaos neglects is the fact that Republican voters might have local races that demand their attention and their vote. Indeed, a crowd of Republicans are running against each other in PA legislative races in Adams and York counties. Two long-time state legislators are retiring, creating a rare opening for someone else to move in. It’s too bad Rush doesn’t feel these races are very important.