In 1992, Tom Harkin led Democratic delegates at their convention in a chant of George Herbert “Hoover” Walker Bush. He meant to portray the first President Bush as uncaring and inert in the face of that era’s painful recession.

I think George W. Bush must remember the scene. How else do you explain the rush to send us all checks this spring (as well as the checks we got seven years ago)? The last thing Bush wants to be is insensitive.

Mitt Romney is probably playing the same game. Sure, you can accuse him of pandering when he tells Michigan voters he will help bring their jobs back. But pandering to voters isn’t exactly a damning charge for a politician. Not caring about working people is, especially for a rich businessman like Romney.

At any rate, I’ll bet Lowe’s and Home Depot are salivating over the proposed timing of those checks. Expect lots of ads pitching spring home projects. If you can’t sell it, at least you can spruce it up.